Wall Street Journal Video - Building Digital Trust: Your Next Business Priority

The Internet was built over 40 years ago, and was primarily designed for point-to-point connections between a few dozen government entities and universities. Today, the Internet connects billions of users and devices globally. Add IoT, and it’s estimated that in three years there will be 4.3 devices connected to the Internet for every human. 

Tracking and managing these devices is just the beginning. Adding to the complexity, these devices will be connected in ways no one anticipated 40 years ago, which means that the size of the networked landscape, and the volume of data flowing through these networks will continue to grow exponentially. The Internet is truly the backbone of today’s digital economy. 

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Infographic: Fortinet Q1 2017 Threat Landscape Report
Infographic: Fortinet Q1 2017 Threat Landscape Report

Q1 2017 Threat Landscape Report

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