BrandPost: Threat Intelligence: The Fuel that Powers Cyber Defenses

September 19, 2017

For anyone reading the news regularly, it’s not hard to grasp that cyber threats are getting more sophisticated and damaging by the day. From a security technology provider’s perspective, I can add that tackling them is a fast mounting challenge for the millions of businesses that come under attack daily. 

Modern cybersecurity technologies – assuming you have already put in place the right professionals, policies, and processes − are a must. But organizations deploying them need to look beyond the boxes that sit on their racks. 

What underpins your security appliances is invisible, but plays a pivotal role in ensuring that those boxes block the threats that imperil your business. Threat intelligence − or more specifically, the security appliances’ ability to know the ins-and-outs of the evolving threat landscape and then respond to them appropriately – is the fuel that powers your cyber defenses. 

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