BrandPost: How to Achieve Automated, Intelligence-Driven Security

October 5, 2017

Security today requires automating advanced threat intelligence and protection to defend against automated threats and advanced zero-days.

Over the last couple of years, cyberattacks have evolved in both scale and effectiveness, affecting organizations across all industries and geographic regions. Successful cyberattacks are a growing industry-wide problem in spite of billions being spent on cybersecurity solutions. Part of the reason is that new techniques- and in fact a mature supporting cybercrime ecosystem- for penetration and evading detection have reduced the effectiveness of many traditional defenses.

The lingering effects of a successful attack often have devastating consequences, impacting business continuity, brand, customer confidence, company value, and the bottom line. These consequences are forcing organizations to look at new security architectures and solutions designed to tackle these threats, as well as ways to upgrade traditional protections. And now that new regulations hold executive management, including the board of directors, accountable, the imperative to find a solution is more urgent than ever. What these organizations can’t afford to do, however, is invest more resources into the same solutions that have failed to provide the protection today’s networks require.

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