Job Description: Cyber Incident Response Specialist

January 14, 2019

Recruiting, hiring, and retaining top-quality cybersecurity professionals isn’t an easy undertaking. There are over 1 million unfilled security openings today, a number of experts believe will rise to more than 3.5 million in a few years.1 To attract top-tier talent, organizations need to differentiate themselves from other employers with compelling job descriptions. As candidates take less than 60 seconds to read a job description before deciding to reject or learn more about the opportunity, seconds literally count.2

Seeking to help employers of cybersecurity professionals write job descriptions that make those seconds count, we developed the Fortinet CISO Hiring Guide: Defining and Writing Effective Job Descriptions. For everything from job posting, to vetting candidates, to interview guidance, to selecting the right candidate, to onboarding recommendations, check out all six parts of the CISO Hiring Guide Series.

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